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Our Story

If you’re like us, you probably love your dog a bit more than usual. You
tell your dog about your day. You sleep on the right side of the bed,
because the left is their side. When people talk about their children, you
show them those pics you took of Jack on the beach, because who wouldn’t
die of sweetness?

You’re not weird; other people are weird. Your dog is a king, a
spectacular beast, a personification of the pinnacle of nature’s majesty.
They deserve the best, much better than anyone else, especially Susan in
accounting who refused to sign Jack’s birthday card last month. What does
she know?

That’s why we’ve selected the best ostrich cuts to bring your furry kid
the leanest, tastiest, healthiest snack they could wish for.
Ostrich is a low-fat and high-protein treat.
Our ostriches are sourced from over 250 export approved farms across
their natural habitat of the Karoo.
Give your dog the best. After all, they’re family.

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